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Physical Health

Peak health isn't something for just athletes to aspire to. The benefits of being at the highest possible level of health are obvious. Transforming your health will transform your career, business, relationships - your life.  Being fit and healthy helps you to feel strong and resilient and brings you energy, confidence, increased creativity, clarity and productivity. 

However it might be that your health is falling short of what you want it to be, especially if you are in pain or have a chronic or life-threatening illness. The great news is that much can be done to change this state of affairs by working on the current symptoms, the sabotaging behaviours that affect your health, and the underlying causes of the symptoms.  When you find peace in yourself it creates an environment in which your body can repair and regenerate itself and return to vibrant health.

How does EFT work?

Although EFT sounds as if it only helps emotions, it is also extraodinarily successful in relieving physical symptoms. Tapping on your energy meridians and using Emotional Freedom Techniques alleviates your physical symptoms by clearing away underlying emotional causes. Often when we are unable to express our emotions in an open way they manifest through the body in many ways - stress, muscle tention, pain, insomnia, illnesses and chronic disease. Once these deeper issues are resolved, physical problems in many cases start to melt away – leaving you lighter, healthier and free to live a more enjoyable life. 

Sometimes the true source of your pain is something that drugs and medical procedures just can't reach, but I always respect and work alongside any other treatment my client is having to get the best possible result.

EFT heals the true source of your pain

Sometimes the true source of your pain is something that drugs and medical procedures just can't reach and EFT is especially valuable in that it can be used both to unearth the underlying unresolved emotional issues which cause disease as well as reduce the physical symptoms themselves.  However, it can be used effectively alongside any form of medical treatment  - it's non-invasive, chemical-free and has no side-effects. EFT also soothes your feelings about being sick, helping you to remain positive and stay in control of your future.

EFT is also an amazing first aid tool – we always have our fingers with us and it works very fast!

Here are just a few examples of health issues that EFT can help relieve.

Aches and pains – this includes back, shoulder and neck problems, RSI and fibromyalgia. EFT releases tension in the body faster than anything else I have found and can be applied both to the actual physical pain and the underlying causes of the pain. Pain is often difficult to manage and EFT can also be used to help with your reaction and heal the relationship you’re having with your body.

"For the last 3 – 4 months, I had been plagued by a pain in my wrist. The pain was reminiscent of the RSI that I had experienced about 15 years ago and which had resulted in my being off work for 3 months. Most office work these days has a high degree of computer-related activities, and as a consultant leading multi-million dollar technology implementations and business change programmes, this is even more the case for me. The pain had been increasing to the point where I could no longer open jars, lifting anything was a problem and typing was painful. I was very concerned about the impact of this pain.

In a single session with Margaret, we identified the non-physical issue that was manifesting as physical pain and tapped on it. The pain relief was immediate, but a hint of it still remained. However, over the following week, this reduced until I am now at the point where there is no pain. For me, this is concrete evidence of the power of tapping". Bronwyn Evans

Allergies - allergic reactions can cause many different physical symptoms which range from minor irritations to really debilitating problems. EFT has a good track record for resolving allergies, even chronic ones. It can be used to relieve the physical symptoms, to deal with the emotional response to them and also to clear any underlying emotions which may be causing the allergy symptoms. EFT can help strengthen the immune system and improve your general health and well being.

Headaches – such a common problem and often EFT provides a really quick solution. I’ve seen a severe caffeine withdrawal headache disappear in two minutes and while I seldom suffer headaches I was very impressed myself when I got sever pains in my head while on a beach on holiday. For a few minutes I wondered what to do before I remember to tap! Ten minutes and they were gone.

High blood pressure – this can stem from many different causes but EFT can be used to good effect whatever the cause. Unresolved emotional issues are often implicated in essential hypertension and when these are resolved the blood pressure normalises of its own accord.

“I cannot praise Margaret Munoz and EFT enough. It has freed me from two years of suffering from continuous high blood pressure, racing heart and the constant physiology of stress. I am now completely symptom free, drug free and back living the life I used to lead. I couldn’t imagine that this seemingly simple technique could change the physiology of my body which had become so ingrained. My only one regret was that I waited so long to do it!”

Eating disorders - Eating disorders are often treated as "the problem" but really they are a symptom. I remember when someone whose severe bulimia was dissipating said to me "everyone else asked me about what I was eating and my behaviour around it but you never did". I replied "well it wasn't relevant was it". "No, I realise that now" she said. When you treat the underlying causes then the symptom will go away of its own accord.

Insomnia - The causes of insomnia are many but whatever the cause EFT can be applied to it. It's very useful because you can use it while you're actually lying in bed awake and it will help turn off all the thoughts whizzing round your head and relax you. You can also use it to address the deeper issues of what is keeping you awake.

Serious Illness - EFT can be a huge support in facing up to a serious or life-threatening illness alongside whatever medical or complementary treatments you are using. For example, I have seen how it can be used to enhance the results of chemotherapy and even a stem cell transplant.

It is now recognised that the shock of a diagnosis can contribute to the unfolding of a disease so in the case of serious illness I usually tap away the emotions that occurred at the time of diagnosis which can cause a profound releasing of tension that has been held unknowingly in the body.

EFT can be used on an ongoing basis to deal with all the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges which emerge. I find my background in working with people with cancer as a naturopath very useful in understanding people's journey.

Stress - Research indicates that approximately 90% of doctor visits are related to stress (which is caused by how we perceive ourselves in the world).  EFT reduces the amount of adrenalin circulating in the body, releases tension in the tissues and calms the mind, bringing a sense of peace where previously there was anxiety and  

Weight Loss/Body Image - How we look is given such importance in this visual age and the pressure to measure up can be quite a burden. Self-acceptance is the key here and I haven't found anything more powerful than EFT in helping people feel better about themselves. Please, take the pressure off, so you can feel more relaxed about how you look no matter what your weight is.

The quest to lose weight is often fraught with failure and emotions can run high. The good news is that EFT can be used effectively on all the different aspects that need to be addressed around losing weight. Emotional eating, food addictions and the underlying causes of them can all be treated.

"I had a sugar addiction for as long as I can remember. I have tried lots of other techniques to deal with this addiction, but it continued to hang around. I had 2 consults with Margaret on this addiction, and we tapped away until we got to what was at the bottom of the addiction. When we got there it was such a relief, I remember I went and sat on the couch to relax for the night, and for the first time in years, I actually did relax, instead of sitting on the couch and mentally beating myself up about whatever the topic of the day was.

I still like sugar and there are times in the day that I want to go and eat a lot of it, when these feelings come, I tap them away and get on with my day. I feel grateful for having something proactive to do when the craving hits, I feel in control."