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Are you struggling to achieve a goal?


Hello, I’m Margaret Munoz, and I work with people who have hit a roadblock and need to break through it so they can live a healthier, more peaceful, abundant and fulfilling life.  

EFT Tapping 

If you feel frustrated and sabotaged by anxiety, fears, anger, sadness or guilt, tapping on the meridians is a proven and highly effective way to provide rapid relief.  

It can free you from self-limiting beliefs, negative behaviours, traumatic experiences and physical pain, creating profound and lasting change.  

EFT can improve almost every aspect of your life and help close the gap between how you want to live and what the current reality is.  

Learn more about how Emotional Freedom Techniques work.

Try EFT with total peace of mind.

Through my consultations, workshops and books I’ve helped thousands of people to transform their lives and as well as having accumulated a wealth of skills and knowledge I also, dare I say it, possess some hard earned wisdom!  I’m committed to supporting you in breaking through whatever limitations and challenges you are facing and back that up by offering a 100% money back guarantee that your very first consultation will make a difference to your life.   

"Margaret has been, without doubt, the most significant mentor in my life. I am touched by her compassion, humbled by her kindness, enlightened by her wisdom and experience, and grateful for her humour (of which she has much!).
Stephanie Stephenson

Why wait? Why keep doing more of the same when you could be experiencing life in a completely new way?  I’m available to you anywhere in the world (thanks to modern technology) and would love to help you break free of your past and create an incredible future, in which you flourish, fully express yourself and live your greatest potential.

Please browse this website for detailed information about transforming your life and make sure you get the three extracts from "The Power of Tapping".  

Do you want to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and enjoy increased health, happiness and success? This book will help you get results. The Power of Tapping is a how-to guide to using Emotional Freedom Techniques– a highly effective and fast acting method of creating personal transformation that is both immediately effective and long lasting.